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Mexican Chicken Tinga Tostadas Recipe | Ole Rico

Mexican Chicken Tinga Tostadas Recipe

Chicken Tinga is a popular and traditional Mexican dish. It is eaten all around the country, although it is known to be originally from the state of Puebla.

Tinga is one of the easiest Mexican dishes to cook and it is because of this that it has become one of the favorites to cook and eat in many Mexican homes. It's probably offered in the majority of Mexican restaurants around the world since the ingredient list is really minimal and easy to find. The recipe also allows for everyone to give it a personal touch and people usually do. However, the Tinga sauce is originally made from tomatoes, onion and chipotle chiles and you'll be able to have it ready in less than an hour. 

Tinga is usually eaten on crispy tortillas (tostadas) and people often accompany it with some raw onion, queso fresco, and sour cream on top. You can also eat it by itself with a side of rice or fried beans. Any way you try it, it will be a feast for your palate

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