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Meatless Mexican Hominy Stew | Ole Rico

Meatless Mexican Hominy Stew

At Ole Rico, we understand how diverse the world is. Not everything is the same and not everyone EATS the same. Therefore, today we wanted to share with you a recipe fit for those of you humanitarians, environmentally friendly, activists, or health conscious people who have decided to take that step that many will not dare: cutting meat out of your diet. This is something that many refuse to do, because cutting life habits is hard. This is why we salute those of you who had. Because of this, we wanted to give you something in return, a recipe that you will enjoy freely, Mexican Hominy Stew. 

Hominy is a grain-like food produced from dried maize, highly nutritious and very characteristic of Mexican gastronomy. It is the main ingredient in dishes like Pozole and drinks like Atole. Here, we combined hominy with beans, cilantro and other ingredients to create a delicious stew; a great idea for lunch or dinner that will definitely satisfy you. Enjoy!  

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