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Chicken with a Peanut-Guajillo Sauce | Ole Rico

Chicken with a Peanut-Guajillo Sauce

Cooking is an art, we don't think anyone in the world would dare to dispute this. And just like any art, it requires a creative process. It is so easy to put yourself in a box with ten different recipes and never really step out of it. But the greatest thing about cooking is that out of one single dish we can create ten more by doing the smallest changes like adding an extra ingredient, or just giving it our own personal touch. 

For this recipe, that is exactly what we did. We remembered trying once a peanut salsa for tacos that was just exquisite and like nothing we had ever tasted. The taste was so good, a spicy flavor with a sweet kick, that we knew we had to recreate it or try something similar. Memories are usually a source of inspiration; therefore, we got inspired and created this unusual yet delicious dish. Just like the salsa we tried, this dish has that sweet and spicy combo that we enjoyed so much. So without further delay, we present you our Peanut-Guajillo Chicken recipe:

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