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Classic Mexican Beans&Chicken with Ancho Chile | Ole Rico

Classic Mexican Beans&Chicken with Ancho Chile

The wonderful thing about cooking is that the excitement from trying something new never outweighs the comfort of home cooking. We all go back to our roots, to what feels familiar and to what we grew up with. Sometimes we get tired of our usual menus and want to explore and create new recipes but we always end up back home. It's this realization that made us think of our roots and inspired this blog's recipe.

This dish really hits home for so many of us. It is embodied with the word tradition all over it. We found that it is one of our moms’ go to lunch ideas. Therefore, we decided to share it with you. So to cut off the suspense, here we bring to you our Classic Mexican Beans and Chicken recipe. However, it wouldn’t be an Ole Rico recipe without one of our peppers, so we added Ancho chile to give it that extra flavor. It tastes just like home. We hope you like it!    

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