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Beef with Mexican Guajillo and Ancho Peppers | Ole Rico

Beef with Mexican Guajillo and Ancho Peppers

What if we told you that we made the most commonly known dish to the southern border? This meal has very little ingredients, but packed with lots of flavor. Trust us when we say this, the only issue with making this dish was how spicy we wanted to make it. Of course, you can adjust the level of spice based on the amount/size of chiles you add, but we made sure to keep it at a mild heat. Afterall, “It’s All About the Flavor!” with us. 

In this episode we wanted to make something simple, but hearty. A little taste of home. We are making Beef with Mexican Chile Guajillo. If you’ve cooked with us before, you should have all the main ingredients: dried Guajillo and Ancho peppers. Before we start, just want to mention, we added a little something extra for this episode! We wanted to share how we make mexican rice as an excellent side dish to this guisado (stew). Enjoy!

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