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Fun Facts About Mexican Candy | Ole Rico

Fun Facts About Mexican Candy

Candy is a delight as it is already. Mexican candy is just the cherry on top of life...a spicy cherry. That’s the beauty of it! It’s that taste of extra spice that gives you goosebumps with that first bite. It is an instant reminisce of your childhood; the times you would fall, scrape your knees and get back up playing cerillito with your primos. The history of Mexican candy begins with you, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a Lucas Muecas will always bring you back home. 

1. Chocolate originated in Mexico.

The Aztec people believed that the cacao plant was a gift from the tree of life, given to them by the god Quetzalcoatl. They used the bean as currency, but also created a drink from it. Unlike the Europeans, the Aztecs would use spices instead of sugar to make hot chocolate. The Aztecs mixed in different spices, such as chili peppers, to give the bitter bean a mixture of flavor. To this day, Mexican chocolate still contains a variety of spices. It is also often used as a key ingredient in other dishes, rather than being consumed on its own. For example, it is the key ingredient to your traditional Mexican favorite dish: mole.

2. Mexican candy isn’t your typical sweet candy.

Just about everything edible in Mexico is 90% spice and 10% sweet, especially candy. A majority of Mexican candies have a hard sweet body coated with tangy fruit pulps and spices. But that’s what makes it unique. No candy is the same. They each vary in taste, preparation, aroma and even symbolism depending on the region and time in which they were found. For example: Tamarind. They are prepared in countless ways! One of the most popular being mixing tamarind pulp with sugar. Some people also enjoy them natural, on a candy apple, salted, as a drink or on a simple lollipop.

3. Mexican candy serves a multipurpose.

As much fun as you have eating them, it is twice the fun making snacks with them. Mexican candy is used as a seasoning and topping on all kinds of fruit and drinks. Let’s not forget to mention how a Limon7 beautifully adrons the rim of a margarita. Check out our recipe for a Paloma Loca.

4. Mexicans eat candies on celebration and during special holidays too.

Every day is basically a celebration in the Hispanic community. But, candies aren’t just for your typical weekend fiestas. Of course, Mexican candies are the perfect choice for a birthday goodie bag, but they are also served best during holidays. For example: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Essentially a three day celebration of the life of those no longer with us. Contrary to popular belief, instead of mourning the loss of our loved ones, we celebrate the impact of their existence in our lives with music, food and bailes!

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