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How To Step Up Your Quarantine Snack Game | Ole Rico

How To Step Up Your Quarantine Snack Game

Nobody expected 2020 to bring: an almost WWIII, a swarm of deadly bees, nonetheless a pandemia of a worldwide mortal virus. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised that instead of hearing a thunderstorm outside my window, it’d be Godzilla strolling around downtown Laredo looking for the same snacks I was in search of. Jokes aside, we know how staying home 24/7 can be exhausting and a little boring. Okay, who are kidding, a lot boring. There’s nothing to do but watch reruns of shows for the millionth time, snack, sleep and more snacking. But snacking doesn’t have to be boring. How, you ask? With Mexican candy and chamoy, lots of chamoy. Your cravings and treats just need a little imagination. Here’s how you can step up your quarantine snack game: Mexican style. 

Fruit Snack: Mango Preparado

Fruit snacks go beyond adding tajin and lemon. What I love about the Hispanic culture is that we can be a little too extra with things, but thus are born the best of snacks, food and drinks. Add tajin, chamoy, skwinkles, pica fresa, more fruit and you’ll have heaven in a cup.


Drink: Paloma Loca

Did someone say tequila AND Mexican candy?! Every day is five o’clock somewhere! Two of our favorite things! We thought you’d like to celebrate Mexico’s independence with a mouthwatering drink! We show you how to spice up a normal Paloma using Mexican candy! Enjoy!


Candy Snack: Skwinkles Enchilados

Who doesn't love a sweet and spicy snack that's also easy to make? Dulces enchilados have been a popular snack for a while now. Essentially, it’s just regular sweet candy covered in some kind of chili powder and honestly, we're kinda mad we didn't try it sooner. They are soooooo good! All you need are a chunk of candy (of your choice but make sure it’s sweet) Chamoy sauce, and some Lucas chile powder! Thank us later!

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