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How To Make Chili Powder From Mexican Dried Peppers | Ole Rico

How To Make Chili Powder From Mexican Dried Peppers

Why spend a fortune on expensive “gourmet” chili powders when you can easily master the task in the comfort of your own home. Chef Gordon Ramsey who? In approximately 10 minutes, you can add the finishing touch to your dish! With this DIY (Do It Yourself), you can completely control both the flavor and the heat that goes into your homemade chili powder! 

What is Chili Powder? 

Chili powder is a blend of dried chili peppers that have been grounded into a powder and often mixed with other ingredients to form a seasoning blend. Chili powder is one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine. It forms the base of flavor on which to build other flavors as you layer in your ingredients. A great chili powder will incorporate different flavors to make your dish truly savoury, with a focus on depth and character, not just heat. Mexican chili powder is a singular dried chili pepper type that has been grounded to a powder. 

Dried Chile Ratio: 

  • Cascabel: Doesn’t add much heat but cascabel pepper has a smoky, nutty flavor that adds depth to the chili powder. 
  • Habanero: The habanero peppers add an abundance of heat but they also add a fresh, citrus flavor.
  • Guajillo: Guajillo chiles are not very hot, but they have a green tea and berry flavor that adds a uniquely sweet flavor to the chili powder. 
  • Chipotle: Rich, fruity and smoky. 
  • Ancho: Sweet, smoky goodness with a kick of heat. 

If you want your chili powder to be a little hotter, leave some of the seeds in when you grind it. Otherwise, save the seeds to be used in anything you’d used crushed red pepper in. 


  1. Remove the stems from the dried chiles and scrape out and discard the seeds and membranes. Heat a cast iron or heavy pan over medium-high hear and place the chiles in the pan -- single file so they’re not overlapping. Roast on both sides just until fragrant (approximately 4 to 5 minutes). 

Careful not to scorch them or they will taste bitter. 

  1. Remove and let cool. 
  2. Once the chilies and spices are completely cooled, place them in a blender or spice/coffee grinder with the remaining ingredients and pulse until it’s powder. Transfer to an airtight jar for storage (up to 6 months). 

For best flavor use within a few weeks. 

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