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Frequently Asked Questions about Mexican candy | Ole Rico

Frequently Asked Questions about Mexican candy

What is the most popular candy in Mexico? 

Mexican candy is known for its authentic and unique fusion of flavors of sweet and spicy. Mexican treats are not your typical chocolatey and sweet caramel, but rather they consist of spicy and salty flavors that don’t, in fact, overwhelm or empower the overall taste of the candy. Below is a list of what we consider the most popular candy and brands in Mexico: 

What is the white stuff on Pulparindo? 

The white stuff is the finely powdered sugar and salt. It is completely normal and safe to digest! There’s nothing to worry about! 

What does tamarind taste like? 

The taste of tamarind ranges from a sweet and sour to a tangy and tart flavor, often depending on the other ingredients it is mixed with. Taste can also depend on how ripe the fruit is. 

What is the spice on Mexican candy? 

Chamony is a condiment widely used in Mexico. It is made from pickled fruits, adding a much-required spice and flavor to any dish or snack.

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