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10 Mexican candies trick-or-treaters will enjoy | Ole Rico

10 Mexican candies trick-or-treaters will enjoy

It's time to Trick or Treat! On average, Americans buy approximately 600 million pounds of candy every Halloween. To help you out this Hallows Eve, we've compiled a list of 10 Mexican candies trick-or-treaters will enjoy! 

Lucas Muecas

Ah, the classics never run out of style and thank Diosito they don’t! Opening my bag and seeing a Lucas Muecas, a chamoy flavored lollipop with a salty, sweet and sour chili powder for dip, I could care less for anything else. It comes with a twist on cap, so you can eat some now and save the rest for later! You definitely don’t have to tell me twice!

Lucas Gusano Tamarindo

A mouthwatering tamarind candy with liquid consistency! Oh sweet sweet Santo de los dulces! (If that is even a thing lol) Just even looking at this little accordion is fun already! Grab this delicious tamarindo pulp in a fun and practical slinky-like container that you can squeeze and get a spurt of flavor! 

Rebanaditas Sandia

Watermelon flavored lollipops with chile coat. This is a must you have to try! At first taste, the mind-blowing spicy outer coat is eased once you reach the sweetness of its core. It is bold for its salty and sour chili powder, but the reward is definitely worth the couple licks.

Tip: Grab a cup of water, dip it in to help you ease your way through the chili powder.

Vero Mango

Vero Mango Lollipops are hard, mango shaped and flavored candy covered with a spicy but pleasant chili powder. At first taste, the mild-mind-blowing spicy outer coat of the lollipop is eased once you reach the sweetness of its core. Satisfy your craving for a sweet tropical treat with these mango lollipops. It truly is THE lollipop to have on a Halloween night.

Pelon Pelo Rico

Pelon Pelo Rico is a very delicious, soft jell tamarind candy, but what's special about this type of sweet and tangy treat is it's small strips of tamarind once the bottle is pressed down. You pop the top off, push down and watch all the gooey sweetness rise out. It kind of looks like Michael Mayers hair if you think about it. After all, presentation is key for a child. As a kids favorite, the fun is never-ending!

Pica Fresa

Vero Pica Fresa are strawberry flavored gummies coated with chili. These addicting little balls of bliss deliver the right amount of zing to your every tastebud! The only problem? You couldn’t JUST have one. 


If you got one of these, you most probably hit the jackpot of all jackpots. Rockaletas are every Mexican's all-time favorite throwback candy. These delicious Mexican lollipops take you on a multi-layered ride, starting with spicy, reaching the tip of the rollercoaster with a sweet flavor and devouring the adrenaline of the downfall with a tangy mango gum center. Rockaletas aren't your average pop!

Manita de la Suerte

The name says it all: A lucky fortune teller hand. As a kid, your imagination can run quite wild. I’d probably figured I had a sixth sense with telling one’s future by just eating this candy! Vero Manita Lollipops are acidulated hard candy lollipops with strawberry and cherry flavored. Hand shape lollipops.


Mazapan is a peanut based candy made of crushed peanuts. A typical Mexican candy for all occasions! It easily melts in your mouth, providing your tastebuds an irresistible rich flavor, you'll never be able to eat just one! It crumbles at the slightest touch and opening one of these babies requires expert handling. It was more so of a game among your primos whether who would be able to unwrap it without any imperfection. I must admit, I lost a couple times in my childhood.

Fun fact: Mazapan is made of Marizpan, a confection consisting primarily of honey and almond meal. It is often made into sweets. Marzipan made its way to Europe from China, its country of origin. It was then brought to Mexico from Spain where it is known by its Spanish name Mazapan.


An ultimate traditional Mexican candy, Duvalin is a creamy, mini-sized treat with a combined delightful blend of sweet hazelnut and vanilla flavors. Its delicious soft and creamy milk candy, similar to pudding, comes in a small container with its own small plastic spoon. Best part was probably losing the spoon. As a child, there were no restrictions when it came to candy. All you had to do was use your finger or tongue. You looked like a hot mess but it was worth the taste. Must we say, it is a wonderful snaky experience. 

Secret Tip: Combine both flavors for a new magical flavor. Thank us later!

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