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All the Mexican candy you should be eating on the day of Halloween | Ole Rico

All the Mexican candy you should be eating on the day of Halloween

It’s spooky season! The leaves begin to change, the nights become chilly, Hocus Pocus is on Disney Channel again and the stores are filled with all sorts of candy! But not just any candy, no! Mexican candy! What would Halloween be without it! Mexican candy is the perfect mixture of sweet, spicy, salty, tangy, and, um, did we mention spicy? They are more than just candies, they are full-on-flavor explosions that you can't really stop yourself from eating -- every bite is an adventure. Who’s ready to go trick-or-treating?!

Paleta Payaso

This friendly lollipop can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Paleta Payaso is full of fun and perfect for kids as well as the kid in you. With one bite into this delicious treat you’ll experience a fluffy marshmallow lollipop coated with sinfully chocolate flavor and sweet gummies to top it off. Make someone’s day and let them savor... a single serve with a smile. 

Pulparindo: Watermelon Flavor

Pulparindo Watermelon is a soft and hot candy that includes a layer of salted tamarind pulp with a watermelon flavor base. It is sweet, hot and sour all at the same time! 

Tip: People have noticed that upon opening the package there is a certain type of white "stuff" on the candy. DON'T be alarmed! The white "stuff" is the finely powdered sugar and salt. It is completely normal and safe to digest.

Lucas Muecas: Cucumber Flavor

Of course there’s the original Lucas Muecas, but there’s something better! A Lucas Muecas Cucumber flavored lollipop with a salty, sweet and sour chili powder for dip. It comes with a twist on cap, so you can eat some now and save the rest for later! 

Mazapan chocolate

Mazapan is a peanut based candy made of crushed peanuts covered with chocolate. A typical Mexican candy for all occasions! It easily melts in your mouth, providing your tastebuds an irresistible rich flavor, you'll never be able to eat just one!


Vero Rellerindos are hard, tamarind shaped and flavored candy filled with a soft and spicy center. This all-time-classic Mexican candy is spicy and sour with a rich, gooey center, both addicting and delicious!

Tip: These candies are perfect for pinatas and goody bags!


Lucas Bomvaso

Sweet and hot candy with a tamarind taste! Comes with a gum ball that you can also have a taste of sweetness. Sweet and hot mexican candy with a taste of tamarind and bubble gum.  An extreme and explosive flavor.... A FLAVOR BOMB!


Lucas Gusano

A mouthwatering tamarind candy with liquid consistency! Oh sweet sweet Santo de los dulces! (If that is even a thing lol) Just even looking at this little accordion is fun already! Grab this delicious tamarindo pulp in a fun and practical slinky-like container that you can squeeze and get a spurt of flavor!


Malva Bony Pop Chocolate Marshmallow

Get a sweet break from the usual spicy lollipop and enjoy this chocolate flavor coated marshmallow pop! Unlike the classic Paleta Payaso, this individually wrapped square pop has no face but it's equally delicious! 


Canel’s Miniature Chewing Gum

Canel's Fruity assorted gum is simply a fun assorted a miniature form! Flavors include: tutti-fruity, cherry, grape, cinnamon, and peppermint. If you're having sweet cravings, Canel's are just the treat for you! Due to their small size they can be eaten anywhere and are perfect pinata stuffers too!

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