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Beef with Nopales Stew in Arbol and Guajillo Sauce | Ole Rico

Beef with Nopales Stew in Arbol and Guajillo Sauce

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner; what a painful task! And we don't mean the cooking, but thinking of WHAT to cook. Everyday we must cook something different. Maybe if you live alone that's not much of a problem, but if you have extra mouths to feed, there's only a limited amount of days in a row that you can get away with eating the same thing. 

Luckily for you, we are here to help. Giving you ideas for dinner is one of our greatest pleasures; that and eating tacos. So, today we bring you a recipe that is both healthy and very tasty, a different way to eat steak. Steak in Red Salsa is a very popular and humble dish in many Mexican households. The ingredients list is nothing fancy nor difficult to find; you probably already have them at home. It is so easy to prepare and to change to your liking; for example, we added Nopales (prickly pear). This dish is probably going to make your family not mind eating leftovers. Check the recipe below!  

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