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Nopales in Guajillo and Arbol Sauce | Ole Rico

Nopales in Guajillo and Arbol Sauce

The Nopal is known for being one of many Mexican symbols but it is also enjoyed as a food in many preparations such as salads, sweets, moles and even bread. Although some people might dislike it due to its viscosity it produces when cut, many others love it because its neutral flavor makes it versatile in combination with other ingredients.

One single person in Mexico consumes around 14 lb of nopales per year, which makes this vegetable an indispensable ingredient in the table. Its consumption provides protein, calcium, iron, vitamins A and B, potassium and fiber. 

Like it was mentioned before, nopales can be prepared in many different forms. But one of our favorite ways to cook them is with a homemade salsa. Here we show you how to make an exquisite sauce made with Guajillo and Arbol peppers to mix with your nopales. You can eat this as a side dish or as a main course with a side of delicious Mexican rice. We hope you like it!

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