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How and Where To Buy Dried Chili Peppers | Ole Rico

How and Where To Buy Dried Chili Peppers

1. How to buy dried chili peppers? 

The best dried chiles are the ones that have been sun-dried. These dried chiles should be clean and glossy, transparent and have retained their original bright colors. Look for unbroken pods and no signs of small insects. You should be able to slightly fold them. If the peppers break when you try folding them, it means they are old. When buying dried chile powders look for a singular bright color, if it is yellowish in color it usually indicates it has been ground with some of it's seeds, other spices or is old. Old powders are usually without much flavor and hotter than expected. 

2. Where to buy dried chili peppers? 

You can find dried chiles in many national grocery stores. Look for them in the international/hispanic aisles or in the produce section where dried foods are displayed. Other options include your local farmers market and online. Ole Rico provides the best Mexican dried chiles imported directly from farms all over Mexico!

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