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Delicious Habanero Chicken Fajitas | Ole Rico

Delicious Habanero Chicken Fajitas

Although Fajitas are widely popular throughout Mexico, especially in the North, they actually originated in Texas; making them a staple of Tex-Mex gastronomy. But despite their american origins, Fajitas have become one of the main dishes in the typical Carnes Asadas (Cookouts) of the homes of northern Mexican families. 

In family gatherings, the smell of your fajita tacos would be enough to make you sit down and eat at once. So for this recipe, we wanted to recreate this familiarity. After all, there is no better feeling than a warm flour tortilla in your hands. We created a simple Chicken Fajitas recipe with an extra to really level it up. A dash of Habanero powder will be the topic of conversation at your next Carne Asada. The fruity and smoky flavor of the habanero made our chicken fajitas have the slightly sweet and spicy taste that kept everybody returning to the kitchen for more. We hope you like it!

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