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Learn How to Make Flautas Ahogadas with Chile de Arbol | Ole Rico

Learn How to Make Flautas Ahogadas with Chile de Arbol

Flautas is a dish of Mexican gastronomy, part of the ones known as "Antojitos Mexicanos," they are tacos made with corn tortilla rolled up and fried. They can have different fillings such as: chicken, shredded meat, picadillo, potato, beans, cheese, etcetera. The dish name comes from the shape of the rolled up taquitos, which look like flutes. Flautas will put the boring  Americanized "crispy tacos" to shame, as these are the original crisp taquitos stamped and approved by Mexico.

For this recipe, Fatima shares with us her family recipe for Flautas Ahogadas, which literally translates to “Drowned Flutes.” A dish consisting of traditional Flautas bathed in salsa, created with, of course, our own fresh dried chiles. We had never had Flautas served like this and we were not disappointed. You can top them with lettuce, avocado, onion, cheese, tomato and cheese if you want. Make sure to let us know if you create Fatima’s Flautas and how you like them!

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