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A Cold Weather Comfort - Simple  And Easy Tortilla Soup Recipe With Ancho Powder | Ole Rico

A Cold Weather Comfort - Simple And Easy Tortilla Soup Recipe With Ancho Powder

There is a time during the year when you wake up and everything feels different. The days are shorter and your clothes get heavier. There is a certain feeling of joy but also nostalgia.Yes, winter can have that effect on everyone. 

However, my need for closeness and warmness usually gets fulfilled with a warm bowl of soup. Ever since I was little my mom would welcome the cold weather with a pot of delicious soup. She would vary the kind every now and then but her favorite to make was Tortilla soup. She has always loved winter, so she would cook it with an unusual enthusiasm. I say unusual because she has never been fond of cooking but the welcoming of the new season made her feel motivated. 

Tortilla soup is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico, it has chicken, tortilla chips, avocado, and cheese. It’s practically all courses in one, which makes it the perfect food for when you just want to stay in, rolled up in blankets.

There are so many different ways to make this traditional Mexican dish, every family has their own recipe. The level of spiciness is always up to the person making it. 

For today’s recipe I will show you how to make it with Ancho Chile Powder, which is one of the mildest dried chiles in Mexican cuisine but still so full of flavor. Let’s get started  

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