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Pibil Chicken Chimichangas | Ole Rico

Pibil Chicken Chimichangas

Chimichangas is a widely popular tex-mex dish, most commonly found in the North of Mexico. Although its origin is unclear, it has become a local favorite, loved by many. The chimichanga is a fried burrito that is prepared in many different ways and always with a different filling. Depending on who's preparing them or the location from where they're being made, each chimichanga packs a flavorful punch, made with all kinds of spices and ingredients.
For today's recipe, we are bringing you a quick and easy lunch, we are making tasty Pibil Chicken Chimichangas. Although chimichangas are more known in the North, we wanted to combine two different kinds of mexican cooking styles by including the Pibil Chicken from the Yucatan Peninsula. The result was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and a Mexican dish that is definitely worth trying.
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