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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth In Mexican Candy | Ole Rico

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth In Mexican Candy

We all have a thing for a little something something. There are things that just hold a soft spot in our hearts and we can’t seem to let go of. Mexican candy is one of them. Hey, old habits die hard amirite? Although, don’t they say that a candy a day keeps the doctor away? … Well, something along those lines. We have compiled a small list of sweet Mexican treats to indulge your sweet tooth!

Obleas “Dulce de leche”

A delicious and delicate product of Mexico’s creativity: dulce de leche. A classic cajeta flavor and a crispy flour wafer were perfectly made for each other! 

  • Did You Know? Cajeta is a Mexican specialty usually made with goat’s milk (leche de cabra). It’s slowly simmered with sugar until it forms a syrup so thick that a spoon stands straight up in it. It’s usually served as a spread or filling for other baked goods but sometimes boiled a little longer to create a more solid fudge-like candy.

Bandera de Coco

Shredded coconut with the three bold colors of the Mexican flag. That’s it. That’s the candy. Need I say more?

Taza Chocolate 

It’s not your typical chocolate! Stone-ground chocolate is earthier, spicier and generally made with less sugar than sweet, creamy, European-style chocolate.


An emblematic of the Mexican culture. A perfect peanut confection. This Mexican candy literally needs no introduction. 

Paleta Payaso

Chocolate-covered marshmallow on a stick, topped with a “clown face” made out of jelly candy. A sweet treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you smile!


Sweet, salty and sour in taste, tamarin is a traditional Mexican fare made from the tart fruit of the tamarind tree. Any candy with tamarind is ALWAYS a must. To name a few: Pulparindo, Rellerindos, Pelon Pelo Rico, etc. 


Underrated, but a popular amongst the popular: a chocolate bar filled with strawberry and marshmallow with a chocolate covering. 

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