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How To Make Dried Ancho Peppers and Dried Guajillo Chilis Sauce | Ole Rico

How To Make Dried Ancho Peppers and Dried Guajillo Chilis Sauce

Chile pastes are versatile for any dish. Recipes all around the world list chili pastes among their required ingredients. It is known chile pastes are essential in Mexican cuisine. Don’t know what to add to your pasta? Chile paste. Want to make some spicy chicken dip? Chile paste. Want to add an infusion of flavor to any dish? CHILE PASTE. It’s the answer to your every prayer! Well, when it comes to cooking traditional Mexican entrees. For example, without the paste, chile con carne, un pollito asado, or some milanesa dorada/empanada wouldn’t be complete!

The most basic chile paste, Chile Ancho-Guajillo Paste is made from rehydrated dried peppers. Drying the peppers gives you the chance to preserve them for a period of time, without losing its flavor! You can add in other seasonings from the ones mentioned in this article to achieve your preferred flavors, though the goal is to keep it generic enough to be able to include it in any number of dishes later on. Ole Rico’s chile ensures that each dish is bursting with authentic Meixcan-style flavor, ready to be enjoyed around the table with friends and family. 

Note-to-self: ALWAYS keep a container of homemade chili paste in the house! It definitely comes in handy!


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