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Chilaquiles with Ancho and Guajillo Salsa | Ole Rico

Chilaquiles with Ancho and Guajillo Salsa

Chilaquiles are fried pieces of tortilla mixed with a variety of other savory ingredients. The common plates are made with red or green salsa, but there are also chilaquiles that are covered with mole or beans and when served, they are topped with cheese and cream. It is a classic for breakfast time and some people even call it a hangover dish (🤭). They are usually served with a side of refried beans and avocado slices and some people serve them with a fried egg on top, and /or with shredded chicken. 

It is easy to know the reason why everyone loves Chilaquiles, it is a comfort food; a dish that will surely put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down. So for those days that you might need a little pick me up we bring you this recipe that will do just that. We used Ancho and Guajillo peppers to make our salsa, which gave the Chilaquiles the smokey flavor we already know and love. We hope this recipe puts a smile on your face! 

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