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Chicharrones in Red Guajillo Salsa | Ole Rico

Chicharrones in Red Guajillo Salsa

During a pandemic, time doesn’t define our lives as it did before. You could freely have breakfast at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and all could be right with the world with every bite. The world would be at peace if everyone just woke up to the sound of pork skins crackling on a saucepan with the smell of salsa roja being made. With that being said, Chicharrón en salsa is a popular breakfast and all-around favorite dish in Mexico, made of pork rind cooked in a mild spicy salsa, seasoned with garlic and salt. It is often accompanied with fried beans and flour tortillas. There are two versions: chicharrón en salsa verde and chicharrón en salsa roja. For this recipe, we are making chicharrones in red guajillo salsa! 

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