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A Taste of Home: Picadillo with Potatoes | Ole Rico

A Taste of Home: Picadillo with Potatoes

Picadillo reminds us of momma’s cooking. It’s the type of smell that as soon you walk in the door, you feel right at home. A simple dish filled with fragrant smells like cumin, tomato seasonings, black pepper and garlic. It's the kind of recipe that leaves a memory behind, whether it be at grandma’s or coming home after a long day after school. Of course, we decided to take on the challenge and recreate it with our amazing spices. Might not be exactly like mom’s, but it definitely reminds us of home. 

In this recipe, we decided to add 3 to 4 potatoes, depending on size. If feeding a small family, a pound of ground beef will do. We like to keep it quick, simple, and easy and combinable with a variety of different sides. But in this case, we made some rice on the side and heated up a corn tortilla. We hope you love it as much as we did! 

Below are the following ingredients and measurements used:

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