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5 Mexican Candies To Spice Up Your Summer | Ole Rico

5 Mexican Candies To Spice Up Your Summer

Imagine this: you’re laid out on a beach somewhere in Mexico with a margarita in one hand and a mangonada preparada awaiting in the other. You’re letting the sun soak up every worry in the world, but there’s something missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it when all of a sudden, you hear the god-given-saviour honk of the raspero man, and he’s heading your way. You know that saying, “Not all heroes wear capes”? With an overwhelming amount of products on the cart, you crave something spicy with a sweet finish. Mexican candy is always the answer to everything. You’ve narrowed your options: Rockaleta, or Muecas. But why stop there! It’s “Hot Girl Summer” amirite. Here are 5 Mexican candies to spice up your summer!

1. Piña Loca

When you think of summer you would normally think of palm trees and pineapples. How about a pineapple in a lollipop form? Piña loca is an acidulated pineapple shape and flavor hard candy lollipop covered with chili powder. It is an essential and refreshing candy for the season!

2. Rockaleta

Rockaletas are every Mexican's all-time favorite throwback candy. These delicious Mexican lollipops take you on a multi-layered ride, starting with spicy, reaching the tip of the rollercoaster with a sweet flavor and devouring the adrenaline of the downfall with a tangy mango gum center. Rockaletas aren't your average pop!

3. Limon 7

Is a margarita without Limon 7 on the rim really a margarita? Limon 7 is a salt and lemon powder that has an irresistible tang of citrus and a dash of salt, perfect for multiple purposes: eaten straight out of the packet, sprinkled onto a variety of fruits and snacks, and even summer beverages. It’s the perfect seasoning in a package! Take it on the go!

4. Lucas Muecas

Lucas Muecas is a chamoy flavored lollipop with a salty, sweet and sour chili powder for dip. You get three flavors in one! It comes with a twist on cap, so you can eat some now, take a swim in the ocean, play with your primos and save the rest for later!

5. Revolcaditas

A watermelon flavored Mexican candy with a hard exterior coated with chili powder and a gooey center sounds appealing for a midday snack in the heat of the summer. These are the perfect snacks! Both addicting and amazing! 

Tip: Add some Revolcaditas to your mangonada for an extra spicy kick.

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